Sugar’s first broody spell of the year

Sugar has laid seven eggs in twelve days before going broody. At least we now have only one serial broody in the flock. Flame and Salmon sometimes go broody once or twice a year.

Spangle has never gone broody and Spot and the three new girls are breeds known for not going broody.

Sugar lays so few eggs in between broody bouts but we are getting plenty of eggs at the moment with Flame , Gold and Snowflake laying well.

Sugar is broody
Her fellow seramas inspect her

It’s funny how when I lifted Sugar from the nest box for a break Salmon and Spangle ran over to look at her. You can almost read their thoughts asking what she is doing!

Sugar is already broody before some of the girls have even started laying. Oh well, that’s chickens for you.

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8 Responses to Sugar’s first broody spell of the year

  1. marion says:

    At least it is only one girl broody.

  2. David says:

    Her broody stance is priceless! I have no broodies at the moment, but not all of the older girls are laying yet, so have no doubt that Blackie and Butterscotch will oblige. I have an incubator set with brown leghorn bantam eggs and RiR bantam eggs.

    • Carol says:

      The broody stance always makes me smile. I am sure you will have yours as the year progresses. Keep me updated with your eggs when they hatch. Exciting!

  3. Sophie says:

    Aww, she looks so much like Blanche who I had to have put to sleep about 18 months ago. xx

  4. Sophie says:

    Yes, Jasmine seems to be doing well and is laying well at the grand old age of at least 6! Once Bubble had got to a certain age Jasmine never seemed to like her anyway so I don’t even think she’s bothered about Bubble not being around anymore! xx

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