Mistaken identity and Storm’s first egg

Today Storm spent some time scratching in the nest box before settling ready to lay. I took a few photos because she is such a quirky shape. I think her long legs make it difficult to sit comfortably.

Storm with shavings on her back
Storm’s long legs stick out
Such a pretty, quirky, girl
Almost ready to lay

A little later and Storm had laid her egg. A tiny, white, egg. I realised that the previous egg that I thought was hers couldn’t have been.

Storm’s egg on the left, Snowflake’s egg in the middle and Gold’s egg on the right
Storm’s egg with coins for size comparison
The previous egg for comparison

I now believe this egg was Spangle’s second egg and being smaller than usual has caused it to be darker in colour. I know it can’t be Spot’s egg because bantam silver spangled hamburgs lay white, medium sized eggs. Also Spot hasn’t shown any interest in the nest boxes lately whereas Spangle has been in and out quite a bit.

Salmon’s eggs are almost round and pale plus she hasn’t been showing any interest in the nest box. This egg was laid a week after Spangle’s first egg so it would make sense. It is the darkest egg we have had. The good news was it had a good shell. We have eaten the egg so I could only use the photo for comparison.

I will be more certain when a few more eggs are laid but it’s the most likely conclusion I can come to.

Modern game only lay in the spring months for breeding so she will probably only lay for a few months but it will be interesting to see often she lays.

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6 Responses to Mistaken identity and Storm’s first egg

  1. Sophie says:

    Aw she looks so sweet with her long legs stuck out! Well done Storm! xx

  2. marion says:

    She is quite an unusual looking little girl, very cute, looking.

    • Carol says:

      It’s her unusual looks that really appealed to me and she has a lovely nature too. She is so friendly and despite her tiny size nothing unnerves her.

  3. David says:

    She does not look comfortable with those long legs – but she is really pretty and has done well.

    • Carol Caldwell says:

      Her favourite spot to sit in the run is on the log. I think she finds the width of it comfortable for her shape. She is so pretty though and so friendly.

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