Egg comparisons

Storm laid her second egg two days after her first egg. It was very slightly bigger.

Spangle has now laid three eggs each a week apart. Her egg today was the same small size and darker colour as her last one.

The reason I thought Spangle’s last egg was Storm’s egg was it’s small size. It is exactly the same size as Storm’s egg. I was surprised at the colour though as I had read that modern game lay a white egg but then when I did further research I saw that game girls’ eggs can vary a bit in colour.

Spangle’s eggs were usually beige but I think because her eggs are now smaller they are darker in colour. The pigment doesn’t have to stretch so thin on a smaller egg which can give a darker colour.

An egg comparison

Spangle’s egg is on the left. Next is Storm’s second egg and then her first egg. Next is Snowflake’s egg and Gold’s egg on the right.

Again with a coin for size comparison

Flame had a short practice in the nest box today which means she will probably start laying in the next day or two. It is two weeks since her last egg. It will be good to have another girl laying regularly.

Snowflake hasn’t laid for four days which is the longest since she started laying. She seems to be taking a break.

Salmon and Spot are still yet to start laying. We have had girls not lay very often in the past but we have never had a year old girl not start laying. Spot is a mystery.

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4 Responses to Egg comparisons

  1. marion says:

    Well done Spangle, a sweet little egg, and nice to have a diferent colour.

  2. David says:

    Decidedly light brown – as you say, the pigment gland is not stretched as thin with smaller eggs. Your final comment made me think of the conundrum that was Topaz! Happy memories.

    • Carol says:

      I have also thought of Topaz many times recently but at least she laid occasionally. I researched hen that doesn’t lay and it only says the things we already know such as low light levels, moulting, old age, bad diet, stress or illness. Spot looks beautiful and is happy and active. She eats, drinks, poops and there is no sign of anything wrong with her. I don’t care about the eggs but I worry that there may be something adrift. I guess I just have to wait and see what happens.

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