Spot’s gone

I am still in shock that we lost Spot yesterday. It was so sudden. She had been dust bathing, running around, rushing to the treats and seemed her usual self.

I went up to the girls late afternoon and Spot was sitting with her eyes closing. I knew straight away something was wrong. I picked her up and inspected her. Everything felt normal. Her chest and crop felt normal and there was no sign of an egg problem which is the first thing I look for.

I set her back down in the run and she moved away. I checked back in ten minutes and was shocked to see her laying in the run. I thought she was gone already but she was still breathing. I picked her up and put her in a nest box so she would be somewhere more comfortable.

I kept checking on her and she hadn’t moved. I felt that she wasn’t suffering because she looked like she was asleep. I kept checking on her and she was gone a little later. I left her closed in the nest box overnight and we buried her in the chicken’s strip this morning.

We dug up a yellow poppy and buried her and then replanted the poppy over her and marked her spot with a wooden cross.

Spot was not looking well
Spot opened her eyes when I went to pick her up
Ten minutes later I found Spot like this
I moved Spot to the nest box and she remained like this
Spot’s resting place under the yellow poppy
The chicken’s strip

I believe that Spot had heart failure as I have seen this before with Sienna and then Jasmine who were siblings. I think that if she had a heart defect that would have caused her to be unable to lay eggs and then her heart just suddenly gave out.

For Spot it was a quick way to go and she has had eight happy months with us. For me it is heart breaking. I waited two summers to get Spot. She was a year old last month. In my heart I knew that because she had never laid there must be something adrift but she looked vibrant and beautiful.

She had grown in confidence since we had her and had a lovely nature. I just can’t believe she has gone so suddenly. I will do a tribute for her soon but at the moment I am still reeling from the shock. She was such a beautiful girl and I will miss her.

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8 Responses to Spot’s gone

  1. Sophie says:

    I’m so so sorry Carol. It is so heartbreaking when they die and especially when its well before their time. The only comfort you can take is that you gave her a happy life. Hugs xx

    • Carol says:

      Sometimes I feel so unlucky when I lose girls so young. A year old is no age at all. The fact that she never laid had worried me though. At least as you say she had a happy life with us. xx

  2. Jenny says:

    Oh this is so horrid. I’m very sad for you.

    I’ve had a couple who I’ve lost suddenly at a very young age, and although, as you say, it’s much better for them than a prolonged illness, it is difficult for us to take.

    • Carol says:

      It seems so unfair when they are so young. I guess it happens to a proportion of chickens but when they are our beloved pets rather than commercial or farms we are so invested in them and it so hard for us. I so missed seeing her in the run today and felt so sad when I did the head count in the chicken shed tonight.

  3. David says:

    So very sorry, Carol – a beautiful bird and a great loss; as you rightly say, there was something adrift and at least she had a good life with you and her flock mates. I have lost a few at a young age over the years, but never one that had not laid. You have had some dire luck – the pendulum has to swing the other way and, at present, it seems to be in your most recent trio of girls. 🙂

    • Carol Caldwell says:

      She was so beautiful. I feel like my last comment to you about her was prophetic. I do feel that I have had some bad luck. All three “new girls” laid today. I am hoping that they are going to be lucky for me.

  4. Marion Pharo says:

    I am so sorry to hear this news, you have had a lot of heartbreak just lately. She was such a pretty girl, and so young.

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