Coping with the heat

Today we have had a temperature of 37 degrees c/ 100 degrees f. This is exceptionally hot for us. It is forecast the same tomorrow and then it will return to more normal temperatures for us.

The girls were really feeling it today. By the afternoon most of the girls had their wings held out and were beak panting. I dampened down the shaded areas of the run. I changed the water frequently for colder water.

In the afternoon I gave them frozen peas in water to bob for. When they were still panting a bit later I gave them chopped tomatoes straight from the fridge.

All the girls have frozen peas
And cold chopped tomato

Tonight’s temperature is forecast to remain high for one night only so tonight I will prop the chicken shed door open. The run is secure and the chicken shed can’t be seen from outside.

In other news we now have four girls laying. Gold and Sugar both laid three days ago after one week broody and another week’s break. Snowflake also laid that day. Yesterday Gold and Storm laid and today Snowflake, Gold and Storm laid.

I am pleased to say that despite moulting like crazy Flame doesn’t seem as effected by the heat as the rest of the girls. Flame just finds the shadiest spots to sit in with her favourite spot being under the metal table. It is good to see her taking the heat in her stride.

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4 Responses to Coping with the heat

  1. Marion Pharo says:

    In this heat, its a good to have a few less feathers. You do look after your girls, with frozen peas and cold tomatoes, I don’t think many people treat their girls so well.

    • Carol says:

      I gave them another small dish of frozen peas before bedtime so that would have something cold before going in the chicken shed. I also propped the door open. I will do all the same things again today and then it should be back to normal. I am glad this is the last day of these temperatures for now.

  2. Sophie says:

    It must be hot for you to want it to be over as you generally love the heat! At work today, so haven’t really been out in it yet but it was just like being in an oven yesterday! xx

    • Carol says:

      I love mid 20’s but not 30’s. It’s even hotter today but supposed to be the last day before dropping to 20’s again. I have just given the girls some slices of frozen melon. They were all beak panting today. xx

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