Dot has the second half of her moult

Dot has had a moult of two halves. She moulted her longer feathers through June and July and stopped laying. She looked quite good throughout and soon looked fully feathered again. She then started laying again throughout September.

At the beginning of October Dot started moulting all her tiny feathers and stopped laying again. This time it has been much more noticeable as she has moulted her feathers around her face, comb, head and neck. She soon had pins through but she looks very odd.

Dot has moulted her head feathers
Dot has a head full of pins
Dot’s neck is a mass of pins
Poor Dot is looking very odd

Moulting her head and face feathers has really changed her appearance but her pins will soon open and Dot will look beautiful once more.

In other news Sugar has gone broody again after laying her usual eight eggs in twelve days. As it’s the end of the year I think for now I will just leave her be. I will get her out of the nest box at least three times a day for breaks and will move her to the chicken shed at the end of the day.

I will consider breaking Sugar out of it if she goes on for too long but for now I will just see how she goes. Snowflake is now our only egg laying girl. She has turned out to be a really good egg layer.

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4 Responses to Dot has the second half of her moult

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Bless her,Dot will soon be back to her lovely self.

  2. sophie says:

    Aw, Dot looks very gentle! xx

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