Shock, Saffron has gone overnight

Saffron hadn’t laid for three days. When she wasn’t out in the run this morning I checked the nest boxes. She wasn’t there so I checked the chicken shed. Saffron was laying in the middle of the shed floor and was cold.

I checked her over and there was no sign of anything obviously wrong but her comb was a muddy colour. She had appeared to be fine yesterday and at bedtime. We have had Saffron for three months and she was eight months old. She had been laying for a month and had laid seventeen eggs.

After worrying about Diamond from the start and bringing her back from the brink of losing her I hadn’t had a moments worry about Saffron. This is such a shock.

We buried Saffron in the chicken’s strip and added a plant on top and a wooden marker as usual. Sadly Saffron is now the ninth chicken in the chicken’s strip.

Saffron’s place in the chicken’s strip

I will be doing a tribute to Saffron later today. Sadly I don’t have that many photos to look through. The chicken run seems quiet today.

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4 Responses to Shock, Saffron has gone overnight

  1. Sophie says:

    Oh Carol – what a shock!! It just seems to be the way with some chickens and we never get to know why! So sorry!! xxx

    • Carol says:

      Sometimes I think we are really unlucky but I have been reading the chicken threads on Reddit and have come to realise that all chicken keepers have experienced everything we have and a lot more besides. As you say sometimes we just don’t know why. xxx

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