A yogurt treat for the girls

After two weeks of freezing there was finally an overnight thaw for us and the snow has gone. I thought the girls deserved a treat. Their patio area is mucky after the thaw but I didn’t want to add more wet to it.

I usually let it dry so that I can sweep it but may have to mop it tomorrow. I will make a judgement tomorrow but for now I am leaving it as the girls will only walk more muck on to it.

A yogurt treat for the girls
Dot has a yogurt beak
The girls love a yogurt treat

We are now forecast a lot of rain but I am just grateful the freeze is over for now and I am sure the girls are too.

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4 Responses to A yogurt treat for the girls

  1. marion.pharo says:

    The girls deserved a treat after all that dreadful weather.

  2. Sophie says:

    Aw, nice to see them having a pre-Christmas treat! xx

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