Sugar lays her first egg of the year

I had a feeling today that Sugar was getting ready to lay. When I checked on the girls and Sugar was missing I checked the nest boxes. Sugar was in the current favourite nest box by the chicken gate.

Sugar is in the nest box
A bit later Sugar was settled in the nest box

When I checked back a bit later Sugar had laid her egg. It had a blood streak on it like a first egg often has. As long as it’s only on the first egg it isn’t a problem.

Sugar’s first egg of the year has a streak of blood on it
Sugar’s egg in the middle of two of Dot’s eggs

It’s a week later than Sugar starting laying last year. I am so pleased that she has got her first egg laid successfully because after losing two girls earlier in the year I have become a bit nervous of the girls starting to lay. I just hope that Salmon doesn’t lay again this year.

It’s good to see that sugar is looking good. I know that she will probably only lay for a couple of weeks before she goes broody but we are used to that.

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6 Responses to Sugar lays her first egg of the year

  1. Sophie says:

    Well done Sugar! She’s so cute! xx

    • Carol says:

      She is cute. Gold is in the nest box at the moment for the first time since her brief broody spell so with luck we are back to three girls laying. xx

  2. DAVID says:

    Good news. She looks to be in peak condition.

  3. marion.pharo says:

    That is good news. A sweet little egg.

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