Star is back with the flock

Yesterday I opened up the separated part of the run and let Star rejoin the flock. The first thing she did was to go to the food dishes. She is definitely moving much better and she looked really happy to be back with the flock.

Star has also managed the steps with ease. At bedtime she was back on her own wider perch in the corner of the chicken shed.

Once out of confinement Star went straight to the food dishes
Later Star tried out the steps
Close up of Star on the steps

I have continued to put a dish of mash just inside the wooden shelter for now so that Star doesn’t have to compete for food. She has joined in with the flock for spinach and apple without any problem.

I took the opportunity to worm Star while she was separated and found no worms so that’s good too.

I am very happy with how Star is doing and think she is going to be okay. Star looks happy to be back with the flock.

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6 Responses to Star is back with the flock

  1. Sophie says:

    Very good news! xx

  2. DAVID says:

    She is looking well on the road to recovery.

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