Diamond was only with us for eight months and was only a year and four months old when we lost her. She had never laid an egg. Her breed was supposed to be a prolific egg layer but we never got to find that out.

Diamond was our biggest girl and despite her health problems came in as new top girl and yet was gentle and mild natured with it. Diamond and Dot had a close alliance and were often to be found perching or sitting together.

I don’t have a huge amount of photos as her time with us was short so I have picked one from each month with us and a couple extra.

Arrival day – August 2022
September 2022
October 2022
Diamond with our flock of nine – November 2022
After Diamond’s first beak trim – December 2022
Spinach for the girls – January 2023
Dot and Diamond were often perched together – January 2023
Diamond with our flock of eight – February 2023
Dust bathing together – March 2023
April 2023

Once again our flock of six is feeling rather small. Goodbye Diamond. She was a beautiful girl.

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11 Responses to Diamond

  1. Sophie says:

    Oh Carol, I’ve just read that Diamond is gone – I am so so sorry!! 🙁 As always you did your very best for her and you gave her a wonderful 8 months. As I’ve said before chicken-keeping is stressful and not for the faint-hearted. Thinking of you xx

    • Carol says:

      Thank you. You are right that chicken keeping is not for the faint hearted but I never expected it to be this hard xx

      • Sophie says:

        Nor I! I suppose we have to work out whether the good times outweigh the bad. When its all going well there’s nothing better but the lows are very low! 🙁 Thinking of you xxxx

        • Carol says:

          Richard keeps telling me that I should give up chicken keeping because it’s too hard and too stressful but I just can’t imagine not having them xxxx

          • Carol says:

            P.S. I didn’t want to say until I had written my next post, which I have now, but I have now been hit with the next bombshell xx

  2. marion.pharo says:

    So sorry to her another lovely girl is gone. So sad.

  3. marion.pharo says:

    Sorry About the spelling mistake. Missed the a.

  4. DAVID says:

    A lovely tribute, but it says as much about yourself, as a Florence Nightingale, as it does about Diamond.

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