Yesterday the breeder was back from her break and I rang her for advice. I feel much better now we have had a chat.

She said that Autumn had been through so much change after being put in a box and travelling to me and then being put in a new environment. She said that the fact she is still active, upright and moving around means that she is fine. If she wasn’t eating and drinking at all she would be looking very poorly by now.

She said that by trying to help her I have probably overwhelmed her and have been giving her even more change to deal with. She told me to put her back in her corner of the run where she can see the other girls as she is used to being surrounded by lots of chickens. She said she is used to water and pellets in a dish so stick with that and don’t confuse her with lots of alternatives.

I said that the only thing I have seen Autumn eat freely is chopped spinach. She said that’s fine just put chopped spinach on top of her pellets and if she picks it off the top that’s fine and she will go back to the pellets when she is hungry.

I said my main concern was that there is so little poop from her. She said in hot weather, as we have been having, they sometimes have a loss of appetite but she has never seen a chick starve themselves to death. She said I need to be more hands off and stop worrying. She asked me to call back later to give her a progress report but I couldn’t get through so will try again today.

I have done as she asked and Autumn did take the chopped spinach from the top of the pellets but later in the day I saw her pecking at the pellets. I am still not seeing her go to the water. There is still very little poop and it’s dry but Autumn is active and looks happy so I will try to stop worrying.

Autumn is back in her part of the run
Autumn and Storm size each other up

In other news I am now going to break Sugar out of her broody spell. Gold has also gone broody but she won’t stick with it for long. Sugar though, will stick with it for a very long time if I don’t break her out of it. Sugar has been broody for a week but up until now I was concentrating on Autumn.

I put Sugar in the broody crate last night and will continue as usual to return her to the run in between the other girls laying, when the nest boxes can be closed. I will put her in the broody crate while the girls are laying and overnight.

Sugar is in the broody crate
On a new perch

The free standing perch that I usually keep in the crate is in Autumn’s little coop. I found that she liked the perch and as she is going to be in the little coop for a while I thought it was a good idea for her to have a perch in there. It fits at an angle, like this makeshift perch for Sugar, who will only be in here for a few nights.

And in more other news I have resolved the camera issue. I finally did what I should have done before buying it and called my eldest son and I.T. guy, Steve, for advice. I didn’t call before buying it because I didn’t want to bother him and thought I should be able to sort it out myself. He said in future call him first.

He said the camera I bought is totally not fit for purpose and he will help me return it. He took the code on my old camera and ordered me the up to date equivalent to arrive the next day. It is very similar to use as the old camera and is a breeze compared to the one I recently bought. All today’s photos are taken with the new camera.

So to finish off this post I thought I would take a few up to date photos of Mango and Cloud.

Cloud and Mango together

They were together in this corner because they had taken the chunk of apple here to peck at away from the other girls. These two girls were a breeze to integrate into the flock and are doing really well.

Yesterday afternoon when the nest boxes were clogged up with Sugar and Gold these two laid their eggs at the same time in opposite corners of the chicken shed. Well done girls!

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6 Responses to Updates

  1. DAVID says:

    All sounds very good, Carol and pleased you are sorting the camera situation. I’m away from Thursday for just over a fortnight, so won’t be able to guarantee seeing posts, so fingers crossed that all will be well when next I can log in.

    • Carol says:

      There was one poop under Autumn’s perch this morning. Today she again took chopped spinach from the top of the pellets but later I saw her have some pellets and some water so I am going to stop worrying. There is still only a tiny bit of dry poop in her part of the run though. I have never had a chick eat, drink and poop so little. I am so happy to have “my” camera back. I hope you have a good time away and I will wait to hear from you on your return.

  2. Jenn says:

    I understand how we can become consumed with “worrying” about our chickens, especially when they are new to a flock. When I brought in my ten new hens to mix with my two older ones, I ended up putting one of the old ones into “chicken jail” for a couple of days due to her bullying and pecking the young ones when they tried to eat or come out of the coop. I then just let her out and reminded myself that pecking order is a time honoured process and I couldn’t try to stop it. Are all of your hens banty? They have such pretty feathers. -Jenn

    • Carol says:

      You are so right about becoming consumed with worrying. I think what made it worse was my three new girls were meant to come together, being delivered, which I paid for, from two hours away, but they missed putting the third girl on the van. This meant that as the first two girls started laying from the first day, I got on and integrated them. They said they would deliver the third girl just over a week later when back in this area. This meant the poor girl has had to come in on her own. With that and being much younger and being unusually hot for us it all added to the difficulty. I have never had a girl poop so little. All of my girls are bantams. The pecking order can sometimes seem brutal.

  3. marion.pharo says:

    Glad to hear all is well now. I can understand that it was so much of a worry when she was not eating and drinking. You have had so many things not going well in the past. Glad to hear your camera problem is solved.

    • Carol says:

      Autumn is now doing really well. I am also happy with my new camera and have now returned the other one and had a message from Amazon saying my refund will be in my account within seven days.

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