Egg laying coming to an end for this year

Autumn laid fourteen eggs in October and fourteen eggs in November. I thought that she may lay through the winter but then she stopped laying. Autumn would sit in her corner of the chicken shed for a while and then come out without laying. It was as if she thought she should be laying.

I thought Autumn was finished and then today she laid an egg after a week’s break. It may be her last egg this year though as Mango did the same at the end of her laying. Mango also laid an egg after a week’s break and then no more so it may be the same for Autumn. Time will tell.

Also today for the first time Mango jumped on my back when I was cleaning the chicken run. she always follows me around and has often looked like she wanted to jump on me but couldn’t quite manage it. Today I was bending over close to the chicken’s patio and she jumped on me from there.

The girls stay close to the patio area at this time of year

There isn’t much to report at this time of year. The girls have short days and are not so active in the winter. I am sure that like us they will be happier when the days get longer and warmer again.


Autumn laid another egg two days after her last one. Perhaps she was just taking a break and will continue to lay over winter after all. Well done Autumn!

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5 Responses to Egg laying coming to an end for this year

  1. marion.pharo says:

    How nice that Mango has decided to get a bit closer to you.

    • Carol says:

      Mango is probably the friendliest of them all. She follows me everywhere and if I squat down on the patio area she runs to me to see if I have anything for her. If I have the camera in my hand I have to keep backing away from her as she gets so close to the camera. She is my little shadow.

  2. DAVID says:

    ANY EGG SEEMS TO BE A BONUS AT THE MOMENT. We’re just back from a FEW DAYS IN KRAKOW and there’ve only been 2 eggs while we were away. Hopefully, Autumn will continue and keep you in Sunday breakfasts over the next couple of months. Mango sounds like one lovely bird.

    • Carol says:

      After Autumn laid those two eggs she hasn’t laid since which has been another four days so I think they were her last for this year. As you say any eggs are a bonus and it’s given us one more breakfast. Mango is such a friendly character.

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