Storm is our first broody girl of the year

Storm has laid fourteen eggs in twenty six days and has now gone broody. Storm has started laying and gone broody before Mango and Cloud have even started laying. We are now back to two girls laying, Dot and Gold.

Storm is broody
Storm when I lift her from the nest box
And here she is back in the nest box again

I will just keep lifting Storm from the nest box each time I go in. I did this last year and she soon came out of it so I hope this works again this year.

We seem a bit doomed with eggs this year compared to previous years. Oh well, I suppose the other girls will start laying eventually.

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4 Responses to Storm is our first broody girl of the year

  1. DAVID says:

    She seems like a gentle broody; hopefully, she’ll come out of it quickly. I’ve had my first, too – one of my pekins – but she only lasted 3 days and is now back out with the flock. Directly parallel with your situation, others have yet to come back into lay… Didn’t hatch last year, but will get the incubator sanitised and set some eggs before Easter (away in Paris next week, so leaving my granddaughter in charge).

  2. Carol says:

    She is a gentle broody. Broody time comes round quickly doesn’t it! I am sure your granddaughter will do a sterling job for you.

  3. marion.pharo says:

    Spring is on the way, girls starting to go broody.

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