Gold is broody again!

I can’t believe that Gold has gone broody again so quickly. She has laid seven eggs in ten days before going broody. That equals Sugar’s record in the past. We have only had five days of five out of seven laying before it’s dropped back to four.

The difference with Gold though is that last time she came out of it after three days and started laying again a week later so I am hoping it will be as quick this time.

Last time I closed her favourite nest box and that was enough to keep her out in the run. This time she was in a different nest box when I next checked on her.

I decided to take a photo of Gold in the nest box because a post without photos is a bit dull. When I lightly stroked her back instead of raising her tail up she flattened herself down. When I lifted her from the nest box I could see why. She was sitting on Dot’s egg.

I always swear these broody girls have a sixth sense that tells them when an egg has been laid. My husband says he reckons they can smell an egg.

Gold flattening herself over Dot’s egg

Oh well, it’s all part of spring behaviour I guess. We are happy with any eggs we get.

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2 Responses to Gold is broody again!

  1. DAVID says:

    Some of them are programmed to go broody! I even have a couple of leghorns who do. I could do with a couple of broodies starting now, as I have eggs in the incubator, currently at 10 days of incubation and it’d be easier with a broody than with the heat plate in the study! Hopefully, Gold will be rapidly dissuaded – until the next time!

    • Carol says:

      All the laying girls laid yesterday so today I have closed the nest boxes and she has been out in the run all day. I hope that will speed her out of it. It’s typical that you don’t have a broody when you need one!

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