Cloud is broody

We seem destined to have a broody girl. Gold gave up being broody after a couple of days in time for Cloud to go broody. Cloud has laid eleven eggs in twenty five days. So we are now down to three girls laying.

Cloud fluffs her feathers out when I take her from the nest box.

Cloud in the nest box
When I lift her from the nest box Cloud stays where I put her until I move her on
Cloud then fluffs her feathers out
She then jumps to the log and fluffs her feathers out

I will keep taking her out of the nest box and hopefully she will soon come out it.

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4 Responses to Cloud is broody

  1. marion says:

    I hope she comes out of it soon too. But she does look healthy and lovely and her feathers look bright.

  2. DAVID says:

    You can almost set your clock by them! Still none here – and I really could have done with two!

    • Carol says:

      Luckily Cloud wasn’t very committed and after lifting her out each time I went in the run she gave up. Typical that you don’t have any broodies when you need them!

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