Cloud is back in lay

Cloud started laying a couple of days ago after a two week break. Today she laid again and we had our second, five egg day, this year. Five out of seven girls laying is something that has only happened for short periods of time before one of the girls goes broody again.

A five egg day

From largest to smallest and from left to right we have Dot’s egg, Gold’s egg, Cloud’s egg, Mango’s egg and Storm’s egg.

I don’t think we will have five girls laying for very long as I think Gold is going to go broody again soon. She is still laying and in fact for the first time a few days ago she laid four days in a row. But she is spending longer and longer in the nest box and returning to the nest box after laying. I take her out and close her favourite nest box and she stays out but it’s a sign that she will probably go broody soon.

We will make the most of the abundance of eggs while it lasts.

An abundance of eggs

It’s the first time this year that we have filled all three egg rollers. I took my mum six eggs a while ago and am visiting again soon and will be taking twelve eggs. It’s so nice to be able to share them.

Well done girls!

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4 Responses to Cloud is back in lay

  1. DAVID says:

    It is truly a lovely sight to see an accumulation of eggs. Long may it last – but it won’t! Chicks here, but still no broody, so in the brooder, with younger grandchildren loving the experience!

  2. marionparo says:

    How lovely all those eggs.

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