Laying eggs together

Dot and Gold looked so cute in the favourite nest box together. They were sitting side by side. I went indoors for my camera and when I returned Mango and Cloud were looking in on them. These two are so nosy.

By the time I lifted the lid of the nest box for a photograph Dot and Gold had moved apart as they had both just laid their eggs. They are so in sync.

Mango and Cloud keep an eye on Dot and Gold
Dot and Gold have just laid their eggs together

It’s so sweet when the girls lay their eggs together.

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5 Responses to Laying eggs together

  1. DAVID says:

    So good that it sounds harmonious! Such attractive birds.

  2. marionparo says:

    The girls look happy laying together. And cute.

  3. marionparo says:

    The girls look happy laying together and cute.

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