Storm gave us a scare

I knew that Storm was ready to start laying again after her broody spell as yesterday she was very vocal and looking in the nest boxes. It has been two weeks since she last laid which is when she usually starts laying again.

This morning I had a shock when I went out to the girls. Storm was collapsed in the front of one of the nest boxes. She was laying on her side with her legs out to one side. I picked her up and her legs were not working at all. She couldn’t stand.

I put her in the cat box and bought her indoors to the bathroom. I put a dish of water and a dish of food in front of her. I made some mash and put sunflower hearts and chopped tomato on top and a tiny bit of sugar to try to keep her strength up. She was eating which I felt was a good sign. I had checked her vent and it looked normal.

I rang pipinchick and left a voicemail and also started e-mailed them explaining what was happening and asking if there was anything else I should do.

I also googled it and found that it could be an egg up high pinching the nerves. As I knew she was about to lay I thought this must be what it was. It didn’t give advice or possible outcome though.

Storm was eating well and picking off the tomato which I thought was a good sign.

Storm in the cat box
Storm is eating

While I was writing the e-mail I saw Storm stand up. She had pooped which looked normal. I took her out of the cat box and stood her on the bathroom floor. She then took a step.

I decided to put her back in a nest box. I added this to my e-mail and went back to check on Storm again before sending it.

Storm was out in the run with her egg beside her and was back to normal. I was so relieved. It must have been the egg pinching her nerves. I added this to the e-mail and sent it.

Suzanna at Pipinchick e-mailed me back saying she was so glad she had recovered. She said it can happen with these little girls when they haven’t laid for a while. I have never had this happen before.

I also had an e-mail from pipinchick saying my new girls will be delivered on Friday between one and four o’clock. They will be bringing me some calcium to add to the water too, which can help with egg laying.

I was so panicked when Storm couldn’t stand and thought I was going to lose her. I am so glad to see her running around as usual and can’t stop keeping checking on her. I hope this was a one off.

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6 Responses to Storm gave us a scare

  1. marionparo says:

    It must have given you such a fright. I have never heard of such a thing, just shows there is always more to learn. So pleased she is ok.

    • Carol says:

      It gave me a horrible fright. I think we are gradually going through everything that can happen to chickens. I keep checking on her and she is fine now thankfully.

  2. DAVID says:

    What an awful shock you must have had! I’ve never heard of this phenomenon before, but so pleased that she now seems back to her normal self.

    Look forward to your post about your newbies.

    • Carol says:

      It was awful. We thought she was having a stroke and we would lose her. It was when she wanted to eat that I had some hope for her. I am so relieved she is okay. I am looking forward to the newbies.

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi Carol. I’m just catching up on your posts – I haven’t looked in a while so I didn’t know you had new girls 🥰

    But, I wanted to tell you that exactly this happened to my pekin (called Duck) on Thursday evening! She was absolutely fine during the day, but then when I went to give them their corn before bed she couldn’t walk and one of her legs kept collapsing. Like you, I brought her in over night, and although she seemed unhappy she was still eating and drinking so I just left her quiet. By morning she was walking again, and then mid morning Friday she laid her egg. This has never happened to her or any of my others before.

    She seems totally fine again now – although she has gone broody!

    Hope Storm remains well too.

    • Carol says:

      Hi Jenny, it’s good to hear from you.

      I had never had this happen before either. It is so good to hear from someone else who has had the same experience. I can only think that it isn’t that common. Storm has been fine since then and has laid six more eggs since that day with no problem (I keep a daily egg record) so hopefully this sort of thing is just a one off.

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