We have a new girl

I missed Spot in our flock so much and I started wondering if the breeder would be able to spare me another hamburg. I called her a few days ago and told her about Spot.

I asked if she could spare another hamburg and she said that she was sure she could find me one. She said she would check and get back to me. A few days later she said I could have one and we agreed that we would collect her Friday afternoon.

I immediately named this girl Dot. She is one of last year’s girls so is the same age that Spot was, just over a year. She is smaller than Spot and has a smaller comb.

The breeder said she has been finding eggs but if she doesn’t lay then I could switch her for another as she has one more. This is just in case there is the same problem with her but I said I thought it would be very unlucky to happen to another.

I put Dot straight in the run and she mixed easily with the rest of the girls and had soon explored the entire run. She went in both shelters and on top of them. She had a drink of water and some food. She went inside two of the nest boxes and the chicken shed.

Dot doesn’t seem as nervous of me as Spot was at first and I managed to take some photos quite easily. Dot isn’t much bigger than the seramas.

All the girls eventually had a token peck at her, the sort that doesn’t really connect. They were just showing her that she is bottom girl at the moment but there was nothing nasty and Dot took it in her stride.

Dot immediately mixed with the other girls
They took no notice of each other
Dot isn’t much bigger than the seramas
Dot explored the nest boxes and the chicken shed
Dot went inside both nest boxes and the shed
Dot close up

I expected the next hurdle to be learning where to go at bedtime. It usually takes three or four nights for a new girl to get the hang of it.

To my amazement I checked on the girls just before dusk to see how they were getting on and half the girls were still out but no sign of Dot. I checked the chicken shed and there was Dot perched between Storm and Snowflake.

I checked back a little later when the pop hole had closed. All the girls were perched on the back perch and Dot was still perched in the same position as good as gold. what a clever girl!

We have never had a new girl find their own way in on the very first night before. I think Dot is going to fit in just perfectly. I am so happy with our latest flock member.

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10 Responses to We have a new girl

  1. Sophie says:

    Aw, Dot is beautiful Carol – and so pleased she’s slotted right in – you deserve some luck!!

  2. marionpharo says:

    What a lovely girl, how nice is that, that she settled in straight away. And to lay straight away,a bonis. I am pleased for you.

  3. Jenny says:

    What a pretty girl. And she’s obviously very happy to have found such a lovely home with lovely friends

    • Carol says:

      She is so pretty and she has fitted straight in so well. It is amazing how she has taken to the flock as if she has always been with them. She is right in the middle of them and they have accepted her as if she has always been there. It is heart warming to see how well they are all getting along.

  4. David says:

    She is lovely – so pleased for you, and a huge relief that she is laying.

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