We lost Flame at the very good age of almost seven. She was a beautiful girl with a lovely nature. She saw many girls arrive and leave the flock during her time with us. Since Flame joined our flock there have been fourteen more arrivals and nine have left.

It is quite a shock to realise that in Flame’s time with us we have lost Dandelion, Sienna, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Jasmine, Marmite, Speckles, Ebony and Spot. Ebony was re-homed but died suddenly in her new home three months later.

Flame had the most gentle nature. She didn’t like confrontation and as new girls came in to the flock, no matter what size they were, she just accepted them.

Flame was so accommodating that a lot of the other girls chose to share the nest box with her and she always accepted their company.

Flame when broody had a very strong instinct to be a mother and I am sure she would have been a great mum. When she went broody at the same time as the smaller girls she wanted to mother them. While this looked very sweet it was annoying because I had to break this behaviour or it may have gone on for a long time but it showed how easily she would have taken to being a mum.

Flame was friendly to us and the girls alike and was easy to handle as she had no objection to being touched or picked up. She had a totally placid nature and she was elegantly beautiful.

Flame when we first got her

August 2018 – Flame and Ebony share a nest box
April 2019 – Flame and Cinnamon in the chicken shed together
May 2019 – Flame having a dust bath
June 2019 – The bigger girls like to perch together
July 2019 – Flame mothered Vanilla when they both went broody together
August 2019 – Flame with our flock of nine having a fish treat together
April 2020 – Flame and Smoke share a nest box
April 2020 – Flame is broody
April 2020 – Flame and Salmon share a nest box
May 2020 – Flame, Smoke and Marmite share a nest box
June 2020 – Flame and our flock of seven share some mash together
November 2020 – Flame having some winter cabbage
March 2021 – Flame and Sugar share a nest box
April 2021 Flame mothering Sugar when they both went broody at the same time
April 2022 – Flame with our flock of eight having some mash
June 2022 – Flame and Storm in the chicken shed together
July 2022 – Flame looking beautiful
July 2022 – Flame with no tail looking like a large quail
August 2022 – Flame with our flock of ten having a yogurt treat

After losing her tail Flame grew her feathers back in and her feathers looked pristine again in this photo.

Goodbye lovely Flame, you won’t be forgotten.

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  1. Sophie says:

    Beautiful Flame! Lovely tribute Carol! xx

  2. marion.pharo says:

    Such a lovely tribute o a lovely girl. xx

  3. DAVID says:

    Some lovely photos and a lovely tribute; nice, too, to see some of the other girls of time gone by.

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