The latest news from the chicken run

I can’t believe it’s two weeks since I last posted, I have got very lax lately. There again there isn’t much news from the chicken run which in itself is never a bad thing.

Saffron has now been laying for two weeks. She usually lays every other day, occasionally laying two days running. She has now laid eight eggs. Her first two eggs had blood streaks on but they have been clean ever since then. They have remained small considering her size.

Snowflake didn’t stay broody for long. Luckily she never commits to it and she resumed laying a week ago and also lays every other day but occasionally two days running. She has laid five eggs since starting again.

Snowflake’s egg on the right and Saffron’s egg on the left
Snowflake’s egg on the right and Saffron’s egg on the left

Considering how much bigger Saffron is than Snowflake it’s surprising that her eggs are smaller.

I broke Sugar out of her broody spell with two nights in the broody crate, two weeks ago, while the temperatures were still warm. That was enough to get her over it and I think she is getting ready to lay again. She has had a look in the nest box and is more vocal. So we may soon have three girls laying which would be good even though Sugar is limited to her maximum of eight eggs.

Yesterday I gave the girls some mash for a treat and also to get an up to date group photo.

The girls have some mash

Snowflake had had a partial moult and grown in new tail feathers. Recently she had a second partial moult and has now grown in new wing feathers. Snowflake is now looking pristine. Gold has also had a partial moult and grown her feathers back in and looks pristine.

Dot seems to keep moulting bit by bit. After recently dropping head feathers and getting pins through she has now dropped most of her tail feathers. Dot seems to be taking longer to get through the moult.

For the last three days Diamond has found a new trick. We have found her on top of the wooden shelter. This has been a surprise because I didn’t think she was able to get up so high. I haven’t yet caught her going up but assume she jumps to the metal table and steps across.

Diamond on top of the wooden shelter
Diamond is joined by Dot and Storm

I was so surprised to find Diamond up here. I am waiting to catch her getting up and down. As she has been here three days in a run I assume that she is quite pleased with her new accomplishment.

That is all the latest news from the chicken run. Eggs are gratefully received and it’s good to have less feathers to pick up each day.

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6 Responses to The latest news from the chicken run

  1. DAVID says:

    Hi, Carol
    As you say, often no news is good news! Great that, by and large, your flock are through the moult and that you’re getting some eggs – many of mine are still looking far from pristine and eggs are very few – only Sprinkles, one of the welsummers, is laying and only 2 per week (she has never been the layer that her clutch mate, Speckles, has been – but Speckles still has a tail to grow!) Darcy and Crossy, two of my leghorn pullets, look stunning, both body and combs. I found a long, thin white egg the day before yesterday, laid outside on soil and really thought that one had started and would be laying in earnest, my only task being to get the egg in the right place, but not as yet! Several of my older girls have died over recent weeks, the most recent being Lavande, the pekin, but she had lived a long and happy life.
    Like you, I did mash the other day, mixing with the remains of our mushroom soup which we didn’t want for a third day! Suspect we’ll be doing it more and more, as the weather turns colder.

    • Carol says:

      I was impressed that Saffron knew to use the nest box straight away. She is also a quick layer. She goes in and lays with no fuss whereas Snowflake does a lot of in and out and choosing the right box before she lays. Sorry to hear that you have lost a few older girls but as you say they have had a good life. Mash is a winter favourite.

  2. marion.pharo says:

    All looking good. Girls all looking happy and healthy.

  3. Sophie says:

    I’m always amazed at how excited they get when I give them wet mash!


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