Diamond perches even higher

Diamond is clearly happy with her new found ability to get up high. From the first day that she found she could get up on top of the wooden shelter she has been up there every day.

Diamond also went from the bottom rung of the ladders in the run to the second rung and then to the third rung. Then today when I checked on the girls Diamond was on the high branch perch above the ladder. This is the highest I have ever seen her and is in fact one of the highest spots in the run.

I had watched Diamond’s progress up the ladder and then on to the perch to a spot in the sun. I wasn’t sure if she could get down again as she was up there a long time. Later I checked and she was back down again.

Diamond’s highest perch yet
A spot in the sun

Sugar is the last girl to moult. Her last broody spell seemed to have triggered a moult rather than starting to lay again. She looks rather shabby with lots of loose feathers and only one remaining tail feather.

Sugar has one remaining tail feather

The moult seems to have gone on for such a long time this year. Seramas usually moult a bit at a time but I think Sugar is different because of her regular bouts of going broody. She has long pins already showing under her short tail feathers so should feather up again soon.

We continue to get eggs from both Snowflake and Saffron. I don’t expect Sugar to lay again this year. Sugar stopped laying at the end of September last year compared to the end of October this year so she has done well. She just needs to get her feathers back in for winter.

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6 Responses to Diamond perches even higher

  1. DAVID says:

    High perching confirms Diamond’s good health, which is great. Sugar looks bedraggled, bless her!

    • Carol says:

      Diamond seems to have gone from strength to strength which is really great. Spangle and Salmon hardly show any difference as they moult so gradually. Sugar does indeed look bedraggled and funny with her one tail feather.

  2. marion.pharo says:

    It is so nice to see your girls have high perches to go on. It makes their lives so much happier, we see so many people with hens and no perches at all.Your girls have happy lives.

    • Carol says:

      The girls love the high perches. At this time of year when there isn’t much sun it gives them a spot in the sun. Also when parts of the run are wet it gives them an extra dry spot. I would hate for them not to have perches. They also like the logs on the ground too and the top of the shelters.

  3. Sophie says:

    So pleased Diamond is doing so well and exploring the chicken run! I think Sugar looks really sweet! xx

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