Diamond has her beak trimmed for the second time

We trimmed Diamond’s beak in December. It has grown back really quickly and we think we will have to trim it every couple of months. I had hoped it would go longer than that but it is easy to do so I suppose we and Diamond will just have to get used to it.

Dot and Diamond always sit together
Diamond’s beak has grown again

I took these photos in January and already Diamond’s beak had grown but I felt she could go longer before having a trim. Dot and Diamond are always found sitting together whether here in the sun or on the rungs of the ladder when there is no sun. It is funny how Diamond who is top girl and Dot who is bottom girl have formed an alliance together. It is heart warming to see their togetherness.

Diamond’s beak in February before trimming
Diamond’s beak, from her left side, after trimming
And from Diamond’s right side

I didn’t want to take too much off and just did one snip of the transparent part that you can see in the close up photo of her. This is the part that overhangs.

When I gave out the sunflower hearts before bedtime Diamond was picking them up much more efficiently. This is a good test of how much easier it is for her when her beak is shorter. I think every two months will be fine for doing this job and will enable her to eat easily.

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6 Responses to Diamond has her beak trimmed for the second time

  1. Sophie says:

    Just as well it’s easy to do!

    What a lovely pic of Diamond and Dot xx

    • Carol says:

      Luckily Diamond opens her beak, possibly a bit of stress as she doesn’t like being picked up, but it makes it really easy to do.

      I could take many photos of Diamond and Dot perched together as they are like this every day. I liked those photos as they captured how Diamond and Dot are together and I love that. xx

  2. marion.pharo says:

    It is good you can do it yourself. It would cost a fortune if you had to take her to the vet every time.

    • Carol Caldwell says:

      I was so nervous the first time but now I know how easy it is it’s not a problem. As it will need to be done often we needed to learn how to do it ourselves.

  3. DAVID says:

    It’s a shame that you have to keep doing this, but it seems straightforward and you’ll be getting really adept!

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