Gold and Storm share a nest box

Since we have had three girls laying every single egg has been laid in the nest box by the chicken gate. It’s the favourite nest box at the moment despite being the least used one last year. My theory is that once one girl starts laying in a certain nest box the other girls think this must therefore be the best nest box and so is the one that they want too.

A couple of days ago we had our first, three egg day, of the year and today our second. Gold and Storm often lay on the same day but twice now Dot laid too. Gold and Storm seem very in sync with their egg laying and often while one of them is in the nest box the other will be standing on the ramp waiting her turn.

Today when I checked on them Gold and Storm were in the nest box together. They looked so sweet that I took a photo.

Gold and Storm share a nest box

I love seeing the girls sharing a nest box. I also love having enough eggs not to need to buy any. Well done girls!

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6 Responses to Gold and Storm share a nest box

  1. marion.pharo says:

    They really are very pretty girls. Lovely to have lots of eggs.

  2. Sophie says:

    Aw they do look sweet together!! xx

  3. DAVID says:

    GOOD THAT THEY SHARE: the protest noises can be very loud!

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