Biggest shock yet, Star is gone

This morning we went up to the chicken run and were surprised not to see Star in the run. I checked the chicken shed and Star was dead on the chicken shed floor.

We were totally shocked. Star’s limp had been improving and yesterday she looked the best she has ever looked. For the first time since we have had her she was perched on the third rung of the ladder next to Dot. How I wish I had taken a photograph. Later in the afternoon she was on top of the wooden shelter for the first time since she hurt her ankle. I lifted her down as I was worried that if she jumped down she would set her ankle back.

My husband says it must have been her last hurrah! She was eating well and pooping. My husband has pointed out that she was sitting down a lot but I had put that down to her bad ankle. When we did the scaly mite treatment at bedtime last night Star was on her usual perch and looked fine.

I have taken a photo because I am almost feeling that I won’t be believed. I am still reeling from the shock myself.

I found Star like this this morning

Star was only six months and should have been due to start laying soon. We have only had her for two months. I am beginning to think that the chicken gods won’t allow me to have new chickens! We have now lost all our new girls.

I am certain Star didn’t have worms because I had doubled dosed her with flubenvet when she was separated because of her ankle. There was no sign of any worms of any sort. Her poops are bigger than the other girls so fairly easy to tell and I have never found any worms in them.

I have been terrified of losing the girls one by one due to worms but not so much Star. Ironically yesterday I thought that I might end up with just Star remaining. Having chosen hardy breeds and breeds that should be good egg layers it turned out that neither Diamond or Star ever got to lay an egg. I am now feeling that I should have just stuck with having seramas after all.

I couldn’t leave this post with just that photo so I took a couple of photos of the remaining girls together.

Our flock of five this afternoon
The girls having spinach together

I have now finished worming the girls. I still can’t believe that Star has gone and I will do a tribute to her short time with us tomorrow. I only hope that I can keep these five girls and have some normality in the flock.

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8 Responses to Biggest shock yet, Star is gone

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Another shock, It must have been an awful shock for you. So very upsetting.Xx

    • Carol says:

      All day we have been reeling from the shock. I still can’t quite believe it. It doesn’t feel real. Star looked so good yesterday that we felt she had really turned a corner. I just can’t think what happened to her and can only assume it must have been her heart. Xx

  2. Sophie says:

    Oh Carol, I am so so sorry!! Thinking of you xxxxx

    • Carol says:

      Thank you. I am wondering if anyone can be as unlucky as me when it comes to chickens. We have both gone over it, over and over again today. Star looked so good yesterday.

      • Sophie says:

        I think some chickens just aren’t resilient and coming up to lay I think is a tricky time for them. I lost Squidge a couple of years ago at that age and she looked a picture of health beforehand. So sorry xxx

        • Carol says:

          That is a good reminder for me. I have been feeling as if I am blighted and you have reminded me that I am not alone, thank you xxx

  3. DAVID says:

    So very sorry, Carol – it’s a script you could never imagine writing! Despite the ankle setback, Star was developing and coming up to lay. Over the years, I have lost several just before or just after starting to lay and it’s always been a literal ‘fall off the perch’ during the night. As Sophie said, it does happen but, after all you’ve been through, it must be hugely frustrating and upsetting. Thinking of you. XX

    • Carol says:

      Thank you, it’s good to know I am not alone with this. It is so frustrating. It’s feels like everything is against me at the moment. This is the most frustrated I have felt in all my chicken keeping time. XX

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