A dish of mash for the girls

Our flock is small and harmonious. All five girls are quite different, very pretty and have lovely natures. They get on so well together that they will share one small dish of mash.

The girls having some mash

I love the flower formation as they all eat together. Because of the bobbing heads I only managed two photos without at least one girl being blurred. The photo above is my favourite photo.

They share so nicely

Salmon had moved out a bit on this one but it was the only other clear photo. They are such a lovely little flock.

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6 Responses to A dish of mash for the girls

  1. Sophie says:

    A lovely photo xx

  2. DAVID says:

    You’re right about the formation: lovely.

  3. marion.pharo says:

    Lovely pictures, So pretty all their colours. Happy little flock.

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