Sugar lays another tiny egg

Yesterday Sugar sat in the nest box for about an hour. I hoped that she might lay a normal egg this time. She came out of the nest box and I checked. She had laid another tiny egg that was possibly even smaller than the last one.

I held off writing a post until today to see if it would be followed by a large egg. Sugar sat in the nest box for two hours this morning but came out without laying.

Sugar’s second tiny egg
Next to a pound coin for size comparison

It has a little calcium bubble on the top of the shell and the shell was hard to break once more.

I thought this one had no yolk but I think it has a very pale yolk

Sugar’s feathers seem a bit ruffled and she has a mucky bottom. She also spends a lot of time sitting on the ground although she has spells of looking normal in between.

Sugar’s feathers seem sort of fluffy
Sugar spends a lot of time sitting like this

I know that all is not right with Sugar. I have never had this before though so there is nothing to do but wait and see how she progresses.

I am also a bit worried about Salmon. Salmon has been very vocal lately and I dread that she may come back into lay. Like Sugar she looks fine some of the time but also has a mucky bottom. Some of the time she too sits and seems to be breathing heavily.

Salmon sometimes looks great
Salmon not looking good either

I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost these two girls this year. I am not happy with how they are both looking. Salmon has had a good run being our eldest serama yet but I know that her time may be running out. I also know that whatever is going on with Sugar she is not quite right.

The other girls are looking fine and all three laid today.


I am trying to stay positive but I am also trying to be realistic and prepare myself for the worst. If I lose Salmon and Sugar in the near future that will be the end of my serama journey. I have loved these little girls but they seem so fragile and I have lost so many that it has also been heartbreaking.

Going forward I will try to bring in hardier breeds. After recent additions I have decided that I am happier with small bantam breeds but I need to go for more robust breeds in future. I don’t want the constant worry of seramas despite loving each and every one of them that we have had.

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8 Responses to Sugar lays another tiny egg

  1. Sophie says:

    So sorry that Sugar and Salmon are both giving you an anxious time – I do hope they improve. I know you lost the chabo but do you think the girls that you got from Pipinchick have been the healthiest and if so perhaps they’re the way to go in the future?

    Sophie xx

    • Carol says:

      You have totally read my mind. I have been very put off by my last two experiences of breeders and would never go there again. I think with Pipinchick I was very unlucky with Snowflake. I have been looking in on them daily recently and am very impressed with their website and reviews and with Gold and Storm. I definitely think they are the way I will go in the future. xx

  2. marion.pharo says:

    I think you are right, only go to the breeder you have had girls with out the problems. Such a shame things don’t look good for Sugar and Salmon. It must be such a worry for you.

  3. Sophie says:

    If I had the room I’d have a bantam faverolles and brahma as they’re the labradors of the chicken world but I know you don’t like feathered feet. Also I’d love a polish but I’m not sure you like crests? How about an araucana – although they don’t have bantams, araucanas aren’t a large bird (I’ve had one in the past) and then you would have blue eggs xx

    • Carol says:

      I am quite fussy and I like what I call “clean” chickens. No feathered head dresses, no feathered legs and feet and no beards. Nothing poofy! There are breeds coming up that I like the look of at pipinchick so I will wait to get something that fits for me xx

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