Sugar lays her third tiny egg and new girls in the pipeline

Yesterday Sugar once more spent about an hour in the nest box. She came out having laid her third tiny egg. I now have to revise my earlier thinking and have come to the conclusion that the mystery egg in the run must have belonged to Dot. It seems very unlikely now that Sugar has laid three tiny eggs that she would have laid a large one in between.

Sugar’s third tiny egg
The inside is very similar to the last one

In other news I will be getting new girls from pipinchick in a couple of weeks time. I was going to keep it as a surprise when they arrived but as Sophie and myself having been discussing pipinchick and possible breeds in the comments of my last post I decided to reveal this now.

I started looking at pipinchicks web site two weeks ago and I started a conversation with them first by e-mail and then later by phone.

The web site has a section for all the breeds they can have and then another section for all the breeds currently in stock. From the breeds not yet in stock I chose bantams French copper maran and splash maran. The copper maran looks like a smaller version of Star and the splash maran is white with blue/grey splashes. I would like three girls to make the most of the delivery charge so looked at bantam wyndottes too. I liked the gold pencilled and the white laced. Being laced it is white but with a hint of lavender/grey.

During our first conservation it transpired that the marans won’t be available this year and wyndottes wouldn’t be ready for a couple more months. I ticked the box to be notified when the wyndottes became available. I felt disappointed but couldn’t resist continuing to look in on the web site every day.

I had often said that it was a shame they only did one colour of the modern game because Storm is a firm favourite for me and I would love some more modern game in different colours.

Then on Wednesday I looked in again and my heart leapt. There were two new colours of modern game and only a few in stock. There was one gold/salmon modern game and four silver/salmon modern game. I knew that I needed to jump on it fast. No more e-mail, it was time to call.

I had a good chat with Suzanna. I said that I would like to order the two colours of modern game but would like a third girl and was hoping for a wyndotte too. She said that they had no white ones hatched this year as yet but had some gold pencilled wyndottes that she thought were almost ready.

Suzanna said to go ahead and buy the two modern game and in the mean time she would ask her partner how soon the wyndotte would be ready and if it was in a couple of weeks they could hold the modern game and I could have the three together.

Suzanna e-mailed on Thursday, which was my birthday, to say that the gold pencilled wyndotte would be ready in about two weeks time. I had paid for the two modern game so she sent me an invoice for the wyndotte and I paid for that too. I told her it was my birthday and it was the best birthday present. She has pencilled me in for a delivery on Tuesday 13th June. Below are the photos from the web site.

Gold pencilled wyndotte
Left – gold/salmon modern game and right silver/salmon modern game

I am so excited. The reason for the wait is that pipinchick don’t like to let their girls go too young. They prefer for them to be three and a half months old. In two weeks time the modern game will be three and a half months old but the wyndotte will only be two and a half months old.

Suzanna was willing to make an exception for me so that I could have three girls together. We discussed that they would need to be on growers pellets and I explained that I am happy to keep them in the separated part of the run and of course on growers pellets. I said that this was what I did last year.

I am so looking forward to getting these new girls and I think that they will fit in with the flock perfectly.

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8 Responses to Sugar lays her third tiny egg and new girls in the pipeline

  1. DAVID says:

    What lovely news – and a seller who obviously places husbandry and care at the top of her agenda. Look forward to more!

    • Carol says:

      Suzanna is really passionate about chickens. She dissuaded me from having breeds that she felt would be too big for my flock. I really liked the silver campine on her web site and had read that they are a small breed but she said that they were too big to have with my little girls. I sent her a couple of photos of our five together on the chickens’ patio as Gold and Storm were from her. I also told her about Snowflake and she said that she was so sorry that had happened.

  2. Sophie says:

    How exciting!!! I knew it wouldn’t be long until you got some more. They look lovely xx

  3. marion.pharo says:

    I am so happy for you, This could be what you have always wanted. Looking forward to seeing the new girls.

    • Carol says:

      Just two more weeks to wait. I am really looking forward to having them. After Sugar laid her three mini eggs she has gone broody again. I think Gold is too. I will start to break them out of it again. It will be interesting to see if the new game girls hang out with Storm as she is a bit of a loner. While the other girls sit in the sun she is always pottering around the run.

  4. marion.pharo says:

    So pleased for you, Lovely looking girls. I bet you feel you can’t wait. I know how excited you must feel.

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