Cloud’s turn to moult

Mango recently started laying again after a two month break. During that time Mango had been moulting and after looking very tatty she was then a mass of pins. Now she looks smooth and completely back to her former glory which is why, I think, she has started laying again.

Cloud last laid two and a half weeks ago and now it’s her turn to moult. She too has been very tatty and then a mass of pins. Now the pins on her head and neck have started opening into small spiky looking feathers.

Mango close up
Mango is looking amazing
Cloud is looking shabby

Gold next to Cloud is still looking a little shabby but much better than she was. She is gradually getting back to her former self.

Cloud has new short feathers on her head and neck

As Cloud took a little bit of spinach off of Salmon’s beak it gave me the perfect shot of her neck. Her feathers almost look like fur at the moment.

A tatty looking Cloud
Another shot of Cloud’s spiky head and neck feathers

Dot took a week off of laying and then started laying again. She has been losing feathers especially some long wing feathers but doesn’t really look very different from usual as yet. Her comb is an amazing red crown.

Dot’s amazing comb

The moulting has been sporadic throughout the flock. I have been surprised how much Mango and Cloud have moulted for first year girls. Storm didn’t appear to moult at all last year and this year Storm’s moult seemed more gradual and she had shabby patches rather than all over at once.

Having both Dot and Cloud laying again is a real bonus. The game girls have turned out to be better layers than I expected which has been a lovely surprise.

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6 Responses to Cloud’s turn to moult

  1. marion.pharo says:

    They are all good looking girls.

  2. Sophie says:

    Even when moulting they’re beautiful! xx

  3. DAVID says:

    Dot’s comb is fantastic. Sometimes, they look really ravaged by the moult, but look wo0nderful again, once through it.

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