Another surprise egg laying girl

Dot has now laid her third egg after her break and this time only two days after her last egg.

I recently noticed that Mango’s comb had gone red once more after being paler while she had her partial moult. Then I noticed that she had started squatting when I came up behind her. I wondered if she was getting ready to lay again.

Yesterday Mango was very vocal and I again wondered if she was about to start laying. She then had a twirl round in all three nest boxes and all four corners of the chicken shed. She flicked pine shavings out of each nest box in turn and spent quite a bit of time scratching round in them.

The next time I went up to check on Mango I took my camera with me to see if I could catch her in a nest box. I caught her just as she had laid her egg. She had a pile of pine shavings on her back. What a surprise. I really didn’t expect Mango to start laying again this year. It was exactly two weeks after she last laid.

Mango has just laid her egg
Mango had placed pine shaving on her back
Dot and Mango’s eggs

On the left is a shop bought egg for size comparison. In the middle is Dot’s third egg after her break. On the right is Mango’s egg.

I had assumed that game girls had a short season but it seems that maybe these girls don’t. It is lovely to be getting a few eggs when I thought we were finished for this year. It will be interesting to see how many more we get.

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7 Responses to Another surprise egg laying girl

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Well done Mango. cute with shavings on her back.

  2. Sophie says:

    Dot’s egg is a really good size!! Glad to hear about the progress with Mango and Cloud! xx

  3. DAVID says:

    I put comment about Mango in the previous post, having read them both. Sorry!

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