Autumn lays her first egg

I have wondered recently if Autumn was getting ready to lay. She had taken an interest in the laying girls while in the nest box. She had also taken to scratching in the chicken shed every morning while I was cleaning up.

This afternoon I could hear a girl scratching in the chicken shed and when I investigated Autumn was settled in the corner.

Autumn is settled in a corner of the chicken shed

I checked on Autumn a couple of times and she was still in. When I next checked she was out and there was her egg in the corner of the chicken shed.

Autumn’s first egg
Autumn’s first egg on the left and Mango’s egg on the right

Autumn’s first egg is only a little bigger than Mango’s egg. They usually start off small though and gradually get bigger.

Autumn is six and a half months old and I wasn’t sure if she was going to start laying before spring so this was a lovely surprise. Well done Autumn!

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6 Responses to Autumn lays her first egg

  1. Sophie says:

    Well done Autumn – you’re a big girl now! xx

    • Carol says:

      She is in fact our biggest girl in the flock at the moment but the most timid with the other girls. I did as always feel very proud of her though. xx

  2. DAVID says:

    Fantastic to hear – and laid in the right place. May she keep you going through the winter!

    • Carol says:

      I was impressed that she knew where to go and I also wondered if she would lay through the winter. It will be interesting to see how soon she lays her next one.

  3. marion.pharo says:

    Well done Autumn, and in the nest box as well. Nice getting more eggs.

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