Autumn and Sugar’s next egg

Autumn laid her second egg two days after her first one. It is slightly bigger in size and she laid it in the same corner of the chicken shed. She is a no nonsense girl with her egg laying. She goes straight in the chicken shed and very quickly settles down and gets her egg laid and quietly comes out again. I expect the egg shout will come in the future.


On the left is Autumn’s egg from today and next to it is her previous egg. Next is Mango’s egg and on the right is Dot’s egg.

Autumn has the most amazing fluffy bottom.

Autumn checks out the nest box before choosing the chicken shed to lay her egg
Autumn has an amazing fluffy bottom

We knew yesterday that Sugar was getting ready for her next egg as she was sitting in the position with humped back and wings down. This morning Sugar was standing with her wings down and once again didn’t come for the sunflower hearts.

Before Autumn went in the chicken shed Sugar settled in a nest box. Autumn was out again in about fifteen minutes having laid. I kept checking on Sugar and she was in the nest box for two hours. A couple of times she was standing in the egg laying position and whistling/wheezing with the effort. She would then sit for a while and then try again.

The next time I checked Sugar was happily scratching in the run so once again I knew she must have got her egg laid. The egg was quite bloody. At first I thought the shell was good but when I turned it over it had one soft patch on it.

Sugar’s next egg
The shell has one soft patch

Again I scrambled the egg and gave it back to the girls. I feel so sorry for Sugar having such a hard time laying. It has been seven days since her last egg though so at least she is getting longer between them.

I will be glad when Sugar has laid her usual six or seven eggs and can take a break again. I hope this spell will be her last for this year. I feel so sad for her but really hope that she will stop laying soon. She bounces back to normal once her egg is laid but it would be so good if her egg laying came to an end.

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6 Responses to Autumn and Sugar’s next egg

  1. DAVID says:

    Brilliant for Autumn, but what a huge pity that Sugar is still having problems.

    • Carol says:

      I am really pleased that Autumn has started laying. Unfortunately what ever the problem is with Sugar it has been the same all year so I know that it isn’t going to get better. I can only hope she stops laying soon.

  2. Sophie says:

    Poor Sugar xx

  3. marion.pharo says:

    It is good she bounces back, after laying her egg. Let us hope she has a break soon.

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