First slow worm of the year

Today I had my first sighting of a slow worm this year. It was sunning itself across the path. After I photographed it I measured the width of the path. It’s twenty two inches across so I estimate the slow worm was twenty inches long.

Slow worm on the path
Close up of the slow worm

We see them every year from April onwards. We have seen tiny baby ones and some much fatter than this one. This one was long and thin and had few markings so I wonder if it’s one of last year’s babies. We love to see them in the garden.

In chicken news Gold came back into lay after one weeks break so we are back to four girls laying. At least Gold comes back into lay quickly.

Most of the girls are now laying two days in a row then miss a day then two days in a row. This means we are now getting plenty of eggs which is lovely.

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4 Responses to First slow worm of the year

  1. DAVID says:

    Nice to see some sunshine, with the shadows of flowers cast over the worm. Good that Gold is back in lay. Despite several pekins, still no broody – and hatch due Monday, so the chicks will be in the brooder.

    • Carol says:

      Isn’t it wonderful to have a bit of sunshine. Exciting to be so near hatch day. Shame no broodies when you could do with them but then chickens never do what we want do they!

  2. marion.pharo says:

    That is a long thin Slow worm, how nice to see them. we have not seen one for years. Good to hear Gold is laying again.

    • Carol says:

      Definitely a long thin one. We have seen them every year that we have been here, which is seventeen years. We definitely have a thriving population which is lovely. Good to have the girls coming back into lay quickly.

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