We had our lovely Salmon for nearly six years. She was a very pretty girl with a huge character. She soon worked her way up to being top girl even though she was the smallest girl. She had a lovely nature and was feisty but never aggressive.

Salmon had nine lives of the chicken world. She came through mico and every Autumn when she moulted she would be wheezy but tylan always got her over it. She laid soft shelled eggs from time to time and looked as if she wouldn’t make it but once she got them laid she bounced back. Her last soft shelled egg I managed to pull from her and she didn’t lay for the next two summers which gave her a longer life without the discomfort of egg laying.

Unfortunately Salmon produced one more egg this week and this time didn’t manage to pass it. She went downhill rapidly and the only kind thing for her was to have her put to sleep. She will be greatly missed in the chicken run.

I have spent time going through my photos and Salmon has seen many girls come and go during her time with us.

2018 August -The five amigos when they first came to us

From left to right is Marmite then Salmon then Smoke then Spangle with Vanilla at the back. Salmon has outlasted all these girls.

2018 August – The five amigos perching together
December 2018 – Salmon in the middle of our then flock of eleven

Salmon has outlasted all those girls in this photo which is pretty amazing. Some of them came before her though. Speckles at the back was eight and Flame at the front was seven when we lost them.

2019 November – Salmon is all grown up
2019 November – Salmon and Speckles do the telepathic beak to beak thing
2020 May – Salmon is broody for the first time
2020 June – Salmon and Flame share a nest box
2020 August – Salmon checks on Flame and Ebony in the chicken shed
2021 May – Salmon dust bathing with some of her flock mates
2021 May – Salmon in the nest box
2021 June – Salmon is broody again
2021 June – Salmon having some mash
2022 July – Salmon as part of our then flock of eight
2023 July – Salmon as part of our most recent flock of eight
2023 August – Storm and Salmon together
2023 August – Autumn and Salmon together
2024 February – Salmon last week

She was such a lovely girl and will be much missed.

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4 Responses to Salmon

  1. DAVID says:

    As ever, your excellent collection of photos illustrates development through time. A lovely tribute and I especially liked being reminded of how the 5 were when first they came to you, as well as older girls now gone.

    • Carol says:

      It was absorbing going back through the photos and the memories. I spent a good few hours going back in time. I too liked seeing the girls from the start and how they all grew over the years.

  2. marion.pharo says:

    Some lovely pictures of all your girls A lovely tribute for Salmon .

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