A yogurt treat for the girls

A few days ago I gave the girls a yogurt treat which they absolutely love.

The girls have a yogurt treat
The girls have yogurt beaks

I love to see the girls with their yogurt beaks. They scrape their beaks against the patio to clean them afterwards. The dishes end up so clean that you would think they were able to lick them. I just love seeing the girls enjoying a treat.

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4 Responses to A yogurt treat for the girls

  1. DAVID says:

    Mine love yoghurt, too; sometimes those with darker plumage end up seriously flecked with white! Just as an aside, Autumn looks so big compared to most of the others!

    • Carol says:

      My darker girls get speckled with white too. Eventually it gets pecked off by flock mates. Autumn is our biggest girl. Dot is almost as big as Autumn but looks smaller at the moment with her lack of feathers plus Autumn has the most fluffiest tail. The game girls are a similar body size as the seramas but of course have the long legs and neck. Gold is the middle size of the flock.

  2. marion.pharo says:

    Nice picture with them all together enjoying their treat.

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